The purpose of the Yoruba Alliance Youth Assembly (Y.A.Y.A) is to provide an 

   environment where children can fellowship with each other, interact to exchange 

   ideas and learn the beautiful culture of Yoruba land.





The Yoruba Alliance Youth Assembly (Y.A.Y.A) is a program offshoot of the Yoruba Alliance Organization of Washington in the District of Columbia.  The Alliance of Yoruba Organizations and Clubs (AYOC) is a consortium of Yoruba organizations that are based in the Washington DC and Maryland. AYOC was established in 1996 to coordinate the Yoruba organizations. The organization has experienced tremendous membership growth in its advocacy to preserve the Yoruba culture

One of the greatest and unanticipated growth areas is in the youth section. For many years, AYOC has attended to the needs of the Youth in an episodic manner. There has not been a strategic or formal plan by which to coordinate the affairs of the youth.  Currently, there are over 100 Yoruba children among AYOC member organizations. These children ages ranges between the 3 years to 21 years.

    The Yoruba Alliance Youth Assembly is predicated on the need to connect our children to     their         culture.





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