The Alliance of Yoruba

       "Agbajo owo la fi nsoya"

he Alliance of Yoruba Organizations and Clubs, USA


The Alliance of Yoruba Organizations and Clubs was established on November 28, 1996 by 10 organizations that formed the nucleus of the 1st Yoruba Picnic held on August 10th 1996.

The picnic, which represented the largest and most successful gathering of people of Yoruba heritage, in the United States, was first mooted by presidents of 12 Yoruba organizations who formed the Yoruba Advisory Board. The organizations are Egba-Egbado Descendants Association, Egbe Isokan Yoruba, Egbe Omo Owo, Ekiti Sons and Daughters, Ibarapa-Oyo Pacesetters, Ibadan Descendants Union, Idanre Development Association, Ijebu Association, Kwara State Association-USA, Obokun Progressive Union of Washington Metro Area, Ondo Development Organization in the Americas, and The Osun Indigenes. The organizations made equal financial and material contributions to the success of the picnic and were instrumental in feeding and entertaining approximately 6,000 Yoruba from each of the 12 organizations and the Nigerian Youth Association, worked diligently and tirelessly in planning and organizing what has now come to be regarded as a watershed in the history of Yorubas in the United States and the Washington metropolitan area, in particular. In the years to come, this event will be looked upon as a defining moment in the Yoruba history, because it signified the commitment of serious Yoruba organizations in working together as one, for the success of a singular event. It was a day filled with music, fun and camaraderie. It was without a doubt, a happy family reunion in our community.

In recognizing the significance of this historic event, 9 presidents representing Egba-Egbado Descendants Association, Egbe Omo Owo, Ibadan Descendants Union, Idanre Development Association, Ijebu Association, Ikare Progressive Union, Kwara State Association-USA, Obokun Progressive Union of Washington Metro Area, and The Osun Indigenes. Also, representatives from Ibarapa-Oyo Pacesetters and Ogbomoso Parapo decided to capitalize on this monumental opportunity to establish a forum that would encourage better dialogue, cooperation and unity among Yoruba organizations, clubs and religious groups, for future collaborative programs and events.

Consequently the Yoruba Advisory Board matured into a more structured and broadly focused organization that is dedicated to addressing the question of Yoruba unity by encouraging dialogue and cooperation among Yoruba organizations, clubs and religious groups. It is worthy endeavor that requires that participation of all Yoruba associations and it is a call that we cannot afford to ignore or take lightly.

The message is unity, trust and fellowship; our vision is the future and with our faith in God, we must stand together as one. As we stand on the doorstep of the 21st Century let us face the challenges that are sure to confront us by joining forces in unleashing the boundless potential of all our people. In alliance with other organizations, this goal, which some claim to be impossible, is indeed possible.

The principle of the Alliance is that collective decision-making, shared responsibility and collaborative activities are the most effective ways to nurture a common purpose among Yoruba people. Acrimony and division have gotten us nowhere in the past and will get us nowhere in the future. We must evolve a new attitude, embrace a new spirit of community and cultivate a new sense of responsibility in order to endow ourselves and our progeny with a spirit of benevolence, compassion and collegiality. Agbajo Owo La Fi Nsoya.

Position on Politics

On the political front it must be clearly understood, and it is categorically stated, that the Alliance is not a political agenda or political modus operandi. While it will report and provide information to its members and the Yoruba community, at large, about events that affect Yoruba people around the world, it does not represent a political view point, entity or person. It will present and report information, political or otherwise, in a balanced and concise manner in the effort to enlighten and empower its members, and raise the consciousness of the Yoruba community on issues that affect us all. We believe without any reservation that Information is power!

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